Monday, November 6, 2017


In a volleyball season that began in late July with team selection and practice; their final championship matches settled the season outcome on the weekend of October 28 & 29. There were some extremely tight and close matches throughout as the teams improved & gave their best efforts. We salute you all for a job well done. And let's give a big "shout out" to the CSAA Volleyball Board for all their contributions to the program.


8th Gr. #1 AA Division -  St. Patrick
8th Gr. #1 A Division -  St. Nicholas
8th Gr. #2 Division -   St. Patrick Blue
8th Gr. #3-4 Division - St. Gabriel #3

6th Gr. #1 AA Division - St. Margaret Mary
6th Gr. #1 A Division - Sacred Heart Model School
6th Gr. #2 A Division -  St. James, Elizabethtown
6th Gr. #2 AA Division - Holy Trinity
6th Gr. #3 Division - St. Albert
6th Gr. #4-5 Division - St. Gabriel #4